3     Yes! You read it right. BAWK K-Cup® Pods are coming soon. In fact they are coming in November, just in time for the holidays.      We are so very happy to finally announce the date and are even more excited to share with you that there will be flavours…          lots of them!

And we can’t wait to get your feedback on each of them…………………

We will be having the traditional flavours such as French Vanilla and Mocha Cappuccino. There also will be Hazelnut, Caramel Sea Salt, and our very special hot unique flavor called Jamaica Reddi. Didn’t I say there ‘will’ be flavor? Yes! There will be something for everyone. The BAWK House Blend, BAWK House Blend Decafé and Dark Italian will also be available in K-Cup® pods along with Hot chocolate, Chai Tea and more. Are you feeling the excitement yet? We are…and we can hardly wait to bring all these goodies to you.

So America and Canada it is all happening in November at Bryshau Coffee & BAWK Coffee. There is going to be a K-cup party in celebration of our newest product line. Please get your Keurig machines started. There is going to be a lot of excitement.

Europe we haven’t forgotten you. We are planning something nice for you as well. Hint: Nespresso capsules. ;-).

Please be on the lookout. It might just be sooner than you think.

To you coffee lovers and customers we say THANK YOU!

Stay tune for more updates from your coffee family.

reCommercial quantities will be available for offices, schools, hotels and hospitals. 

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