Coffee Lovers’ Requesting BAWK Coffee K-Cup Pods

Coffee Lovers’ Requesting BAWK Coffee K-Cup Pods

We have been having a significant number of persons inquiring if and when we will be having our coffee in K-Cup Pods. Just so you know, your suggestions and requests have not fallen on ‘deaf ears’. We are very much aware that this is the new trend in the coffee market. Keurig machines are everywhere from your homes to your offices and even in your hotel rooms. We also understand your need to have your favorite drink in your handbags, briefcases, office spaces or simple put ‘as close to you as possible every day, all the time’.

Therefore, I am very pleased to inform you the BAWK Family is making every effort to make K-cup Pods a reality in the near future. We do not know the exact date yet; but what I can share this with you: relationships are being formed, meetings are being held, your requests have been well received and the process has started.

We at Bryshau Coffee in association with BAWK Coffee and the Jamaica Coffee Board are grateful for the support that we have been getting so far. Your positive and flattering feedbacks/ reviews have been very encouraging and have us all very much excited. We are therefore using this medium to say a big thanks to you all. We are nothing without you.

The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is indeed a very special product. Its uniqueness is entrenched in its richness, its floral aroma and that hint of chocolate you get from every sip. We are happy to be your choice for quality Arabica Coffee.

Stay tune for more updates from Bryshau coffee in association with BAWK Coffee.

We are your coffee family.




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