How to Order

How to Order

How to Order Bryshaucoffee

Order via the Internet:

*NOTE: navigate our site using the links on our pages. Do not use the “back” or “forward” buttons in your web browser unless specifically asked to do so.

  1. Select the product and complete the personalization information if applicable. (See our Shop List for product categories.)
  2. Add your selection to the Shopping Cart. (Add items to the Shopping Cart via product pages.)

    Correcting and deleting products from the Shopping Cart:
    a. To change the quantity, change the number in the Quantity box and click the UPDATE CART button.
    b. To change a personalized product, click on the EDIT button found under the product’s description. You will be taken to a new page where you can change any applicable information for your product. Click RE-ADD TO CART. You will be brought back to the shopping cart and your product information will be updated.
    c. Click the DELETE button to remove a product from the Shopping Cart.

  3. If you are ordering from one of our advertisements, you will need to enter the Dept# from the ad’s coupon to ensure proper pricing:

    a. On the shopping cart page, in the center, you will find a Dept# box. Above the box reads “Enter your Dept# below.”
    b. Look on the cut-out order from on your advertisement. Next to our company name & address you will find the Dept#. This is the code you will now enter into the box on the shopping cart.
    c. Once you have added the Dept#, click on ENTER.
    d. You will remain on the shopping cart page, however if this Dept# has “specials” that apply to the products in your cart, you will see a discount amount appear next to the item under “Applied Discounts”. Your merchandise total will also update to reflect the product discount.

  4. Select Proceed to Checkout & fill in all the required fields on the Billing & Shipping information pages. Be sure to include an accurate e-mail address on the Billing page so that we may confirm your order.
  5. Submit your credit/debit card information on the Payment Method page. Your credit card information is protected with Netscape Secure Socket Layer (SSL) if your browser supports this feature.
  6. Once your order has been submitted and processed, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail which will include your order number. Please keep this number for future reference and refer to it on any correspondence you should send to us.